Flora Living Boutique and Gallery  – March 2013 – Present

Flora Living Boutique and Gallery is the brainchild of Erin Hamilton. The space is steadilly being filled with great finds of the vintage nature along with creative plant life. The walls are covered with art in a salon style.

Since May 2013, I have been demonstrating painting for the First Friday Art Walks at Flora Living Boutique each month, bringing a different style or subject matter to create.  This has been very rewarding and gives the flow of people on their art walk, a glimse into what it takes to create a piece of art.

You can check out Flora Living Boutiqe at:

or if you are in Denver, Colorado, please stop by at: 530 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Co.


Shown at The Broadway Gallery in New York City in June 2012.


Published in “International Contemporary Artists” Art Book, Volume V 2012, currently for sale in all major book stores.


Published in “NY ART MagazineFall 2012 Edition. 


I was very pleased to be invited to be interviewed by Paul Owen Weiner at Creative Collective. Please check out my interview with the link below.

Featured Interview at Creative Collective on August 3rd, 2013


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