From the Artist Konnie Laumer


“To Immortalizing a moment in time, or to evoke a feeling when viewing a painting, this is what I strive for in my art. Creating art is a personal journey of self discovery for me. When I paint, I’m removed from the world around. I’m on a higher plane of thought. My art has become very diverse as I explore different ways to express myself.

Hi, I’m Konnie Laumer. For the most part, I am a self-taught fine artist with a background in graphic design, and multimedia. I have always had a natural talent for art, but did not show or sell my art until about seven years ago. This has been in various galleries and venues primarily in Colorado. For several years I had a studio in a gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver, and now work out of my home. In 2012 my art was published in ’NY Arts Magazine,’ and in ‘International Contemporary Artist’ book volume V available in major book stores world-wide.

While I work primarily in acrylics and incorporate quite a bit of metallic and iridescent paint in my paintings, I also play in other mediums on occasion. My use of palette knives give great texture and strong lines to a piece, and my subject matter scans a wide range. I usually have several pieces of different subject matter in the works at the same time. I do this in order to walk away from one and work on another to gain a new perspective when I return to each piece. This keeps my flow of inspiration moving. Many of my abstracts are made to hang either vertically or horizontal giving more hanging options to the piece.

I hope that you enjoy viewing and reading my thoughts as I present a more in-depth look at selected pieces that are currently available.  More available art can be seen at my home website  Contact me for current pricing on individual pieces. For art buyers, consultants, and designers, a word document price list can be sent to you upon request listing all currently available art pieces.

See something you like, but want to see it in a different way? I can do that. I love a challenge. My goal is to provide you beautiful art at reasonable prices. You will find me to be easy-going and flexible giving you quick and professional attention.”

– Konnie Laumer

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